Discussion Paper WP2001

Insight into Stagnating Life Expectancy:  Analysing Cause of Death Patterns across Socio-economic Groups
Malene Kallestrup-Lamb, Soren Kjaergaard, & Carsten P. T. Rosenskjold
This article analyzes the complexity of female longevity improvements. As socio-economic status is found to influence health and mortality, we partition all individuals, at each age in every year, into five socio-economic groups based on an affluence measure that combine an individual’s income and wealth. We identify the particular socio-economic groups that have been driving the standstill for Danish females. Within each socio-economic group, we further analyze the cause of death patterns. The decline in life expectancy for Danish females is present for four out of five subgroups, however with particular large decreases for the low-middle and middle affluence groups. Cancers, smoking related causes, and other diseases particularly contribute to the stagnation. Moreover, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are found to be important for capturing the following catch-up in longevity. JEL Classification: J11; C53; G22 Keywords: Mortality; Affluence Groups; Health Inequality; Cause of Death;

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