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Funding for Researchers

  • EEC Training and Mobility of Researchers Grants support research visits. If you are interested to apply for such a grant to visit the Pensions Institute for postdoctoral or other research, contact us (you must be an EU citizen and must have lived outside the UK in eighteen of the twenty-four months preceding application).

New Sites

  • British Australian Pensioner Association – Victims of pension discrimination? British pensioner activists in Australia have set up a website to outline their challenge of the freezing of their pension entitlements.

Pension Trends

  • Office for National Statistics – 1403997365 – £40.00
    This first edition of Pension Trends, from the Office for National
    Statistics, provides a statistical backdrop to the debate on pensions,
    bringing together existing statistics from a range of sources to illustrate
    the economic and social issues that shape trends in pension provision. It
    provides an invaluable summary of the core facts, presented in a
    straightforward way and is accessible to a wide range of users.

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