Note for Contributors

We welcome submissions of working papers and practitioner notes.

On the left is a cover of a representative PI discussion paper. Discussion papers are printed on a “just-in-time” basis so both the online and hardcopy papers reflect the latest results. In addition to discussion papers, PI has a “practitioner notes” series which has covers which look similar to the discussion paper series.

Research disseminated by the Pensions Institute may include views on policy but the Pensions Institute itself takes no institutional policy positions.


  • Papers must be about some aspects of pensions. Pensions research is interdisciplinary and papers are welcome about pensions from practitioners, academics and others in fields such as economics, insurance/actuarial science, demographics, public finance, law, accounting and social policy. If you have any doubt about the suitability of a paper, contact us. Papers on pension related topics such as employee benefits or disability are probably suitable. Papers on estimation of stochastic volatility models are not, unless the methods are applied to pensions.
  • Discussion Papers can be at any level of mathematical difficulty. Practitioner notes must be readable by practitioners and hence cannot be very mathematical.
  • We will let try to let you know about the suitability of the paper in ordinary cases within a day or two. We will make any updates or revisions you request in your online material within 24 hours in ordinary cases.
  • Papers can be submitted by email as postscript or PDF files. They can be submitted by post in any format. Only postscript or PDF files can be put online. You should let us know if you want the paper online or just the abstract.

Its as easy as that. Contact us by post or by email.

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